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*Official AR Performance(ARP) barrels*
High performance 5.56 & 6.8 barrels for the experienced builder since 2007
Our goal is superior accuracy though better chamber and rifling design.

  • 6.8 SPC

    If you are looking for a factory loaded AR-15 cartridge to hunt yotes, deer and hogs the 6.8 can't be beat in terminal performance. The exterior ballistics of the 6.8 and Grendel are within a few inches of each other all the way to 400yds. The 6.8 starts off 80-100fps faster with the same weight bullet and barrel length. The 6.8 has a great selection of usable hunting bullets. A 5.56 and a 6.8 could handle every possible need.

    Our throat/freebore is designed to be more accurate with a wider range of bullets than the typical SPCII chamber.

  • 5.56

    The 223/5.56 barrels sold here are not your typical cheap OEM type barrel like PSA, Spikes, Faxon, BCA or any chrome-lined barrel. They have a 223 Wylde or 5.56 CLE chamber which is a little more accurate than the standard chambers when ammo is loaded to mag length and high performance rifling designs for better accuracy with quality ammo. 62gr Gold dots, 55 Noslers, 69smks and 77gr SMKs can all shoot near 1/2MOA.

Blackstone Arms is now the home of AR 15 performance(ARP). The same tooling, materials and processes will continue to be used. The quality and accuracy that we all have been able to count on will continue as well. Blackstone Arms is not new to ARP or the barrels, started using them for built uppers exclusively in 2013.